Juvenile criminal defense is not the same as adult criminal defense.  The difference in terminology, procedures, and trial strategy require defense counsel to have experience and knowledge defending juveniles charged with crime."
"My child is in trouble and the Court says I have to hire an attorney!"
"What is going to happen to my child?"
"How do I get my child released from detention?"
"I’m the victim of my child’s offense, why do I have to hire the attorney?"
"My child just turned 17, why is he in the adult jail?"

It is extremely important to hire an experienced attorney for juveniles.  The juvenile justice system in Texas is very different from the adult system.  Many of the defense tactics that work in the adult system only serve to prolong the time that a juvenile is wrapped up in the juvenile justice system.  Luckily, most prosecutors and juvenile services officers are concerned more with rehabilitation than punishment -- it is essential to hire an attorney who knows when to work with these professionals and when to fight.

Juveniles charged with felony level offenses can be sent to the Texas Youth Commission—the juvenile equivalent of prison.  Even juveniles charged with misdemeanor offenses can be placed outside of the home in treatment facilities or boot camps.

A juvenile can only be released from detention if the prosecutor and judge agree that suitable care and supervision will be available to the child at home and that the child will respond to that suitable care and supervision.  No amount of bail money can get a juvenile out of detention.

A child is subject to the juvenile justice system from age 10 to age 17.  On their seventeenth birthday, a child will be prosecuted as an adult.

While a juvenile’s criminal record can be sealed in some cases, this does not happen automatically.  Parents and children should consult with an experienced attorney to determine when and if a juvenile record can be sealed.

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