It is nearly impossible for a person to understand the Texas drivers license system and get their license reinstated without competent legal advice."

The drivers license system in Texas has become so complicated that it is nearly impossible for the average citizen to figure it out on their own if their license is suspended.  If you are confused and looking for help, I charge a consultation fee for up to one hour of legal advice and research regarding your drivers license.  I can explain the drivers license system to you, confirm your type of suspension, whether you have failure to appear warrants or surcharges, and advise you on how to clear your license on your own.  If you would rather not try it on your own, I can assist in clearing up your license or getting an occupational license for an additional fee.


You should contact me immediately if you have received a letter from DPS stating that your license will be suspended for an additional period because “it has been determined that you operated a motor vehicle on a highway while your license or driving privilege was suspended, cancelled, disqualified, revoked or denied.”  You have a right to ask for a hearing to challenge this suspension.  The hearing must be requested within 20 days of the date on the letter.  I may be able to get the suspension denied or probated at that hearing.  


It is very difficult to live and work in Texas without an automobile.  The law allows drivers to petition for an occupational drivers license, but there are requirements which are very difficult for the average person to successfully petition for one on their own without an attorney’s assistance.  Even if a person manages to get an occupational order signed by a judge, you only have thirty days to submit additional paperwork and fees to DPS or the license will not be issued.

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